How do I order?

Go to the Price List page. The links will take you to the shopping cart, where you create your order. At checkout, there will be a window with the most important information. Please read it before proceeding with your order.

How do you ship?

By USPS Domestic Air Mail Registered ONLY. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking code. The code is the proof of shipment.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal and Bitcoin ONLY. If you wish to use other methods, please use this exchange. Fees are reasonable and you can send USD by Western Union or Moneygram.

How payment works?

The shopping cart doesn’t have an automatic checkout system, so you’ll have to follow a few simple steps, explained below and at the shopping cart checkout page.
Pay by Bitcoin: contact manager@superbolic.com and we’ll take it from there.

Paypal: as every online retailer sadly knows, Paypal is notorious for freezing accounts and confiscating the funds in the balance. Selling steroids is high in their list of violations. This is why no one in this trade accepts Paypal.
I accept Paypal but certain necessary steps that must be followed to ensure privacy or buyer and seller. This is what you’ll see after you placed an order at the checkout page of the shopping cart:

This cart is not set up to receive automatic payments.
If you wish to pay by Bitcoin, please contact me at manager@superbolic.com
If you wish to pay by Paypal please follow the instructions below.
1. send USD ONLY at Paypal exchange rates – use “manage currencies” to automatically exchange between currencies inside your Paypal account.
2. funds must be sent as “send money to friends and family”, otherwise they will be refunded and the order canceled.
3. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING in the message or Paypal may freeze the account and you will lose your money. We have your order on record so no need to tell Paypal what you are paying for.
Paypal account: xxxxx@xxxxx.com

Do you have other products? Can you source other stuff/brands?

No, because we can only guarantee the quality of these brands. No obscure UG, Chinese brands and home-made stuff are for sale here. We only sell pharma-grade products from well-known brands. Also, we don’t sell drugs like Xanax, Oxycontin, Adderall, etc.

What happens if my order is seized by customs? Do you offer free reshipping? Do you offer refunds?

Our stealth packaging combined with strategic shipping locations should guarantee every parcel reach its destination passing through custom inspections. But there is ALWAYS a risk. And the risk is on you, as you are the importer. In case something unfortunate happens, we will reship FOR FREE ONLY IF YOU PURCHASED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INSURANCE WHEN YOU ORDERED. This covers damage items, lost and seized shipments to EVERY COUNTRY we ship to.

Do you have a price list for wholesale orders?

No. We don’t do wholesale orders.

Do you offer free samples?


Where do you ship from?


I need to start a bulking cycle. What do you recommend?

There are excellent forums full of experts eager to answer these questions. We are not qualified to give advice, as we’re traders, not doctors or bodybuilders.

My order was shipped on this date and so far nothing has arrived. Can you do something? Where is my order?

There is nothing to do but waiting. You will receive the order but USPS is often messy and delays are not uncommon. You may want to inquire at the post office using the tracking code provided. In case the order doesn’t show up, we reship for free if you have purchased the insurance when you placed the order. In general, once the order has been shipped we cannot do anything to track or retrieve it. Whatever happens afterwards is in the hands of postal service.

Are the items shipped in the original, sealed boxes?


More questions? Contact: